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Track Contact Volume

How carefully do you track contact volume? The answer is hopefully “very carefully” because it is a key metric to track and something you should adjust staffing and processes for. 

A lot of companies don’t really track contact volume objectively. They track it based on their perceptions of how busy certain days and times are and go from there. If Mondays at noon are usually busy, then the company increases staffing accordingly. However, what people think isn’t always what’s true.

 The data, however, doesn’t make mistakes. It can certainly be misused or misunderstood, but assuming it’s collected properly, it won’t make mistakes. Some useful contact volume metrics to track are:

  • The number of phone calls, live chats, emails, etc. coming in.
  • The time each interaction takes to complete.
  • How many people are working at a given time.
  • How many contacts per hour each person working is able to do.

These metrics can be used to determine how many people should be working at a given time. Some companies need to staff more in the beginning of the week, others seem to be busier at the end of the week. The point of having (and using) the data is that you can adjust staffing accordingly and ensure that your company is doing all it can to make use of its resources.

What contact volume metrics do you track?

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