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More customer service thank you notes

Sending out thank you notes for either services or products give a company another chance to contact the customer. Any company that has spent time and money getting those customers, certainly wants to retain them, and the thank you notes are great ways to build solid relationships.

Whenever writing thank you notes, be sure to be specific with your topic and never make it a sales pitch. Don’t thank customers as a group; this is your time to make it personal and win that person’s loyalty for the future. Make sure the note is well-timed, well-written and mailed immediately. If your handwriting is legible, a hand written note is very impressive to receive.

Here are a few examples of thank you notes; one is for providing a service, and the other note is a thank you for purchasing a product. The notes are fairly simple; they are inexpensive and effective ways to provide the best of customer service.

The first short thank you note is for a service you provided. Remember the note does not have to be long; in fact a short but sincere thank you is most desirable.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jones,

We truly appreciate your business and are grateful for the trust you have placed in _______________. We were privileged to have the opportunity to serve you by _____________________________, and we greatly value your business.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the future, and should you have any suggestions how we can serve you better, please do not hesitate to drop us a note or call. Our commitment to providing you the best _________________is our primary goal.

Very truly yours,

The second short thank you is for a product a customer has recently purchased.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jones,

Thank you for choosing __________________________. Our  continued commitment lies in the complete satisfaction of each and every product we sell. Should you have a need for another ______________ please do not hesitate to call us again.

Our success lies in our prompt, professional and personal attention we strive to give.  Should you have any suggestions that would improve our business, please feel free to contact us.


It is not inappropriate to ask for referrals as long as you don’t give the impression you are trying to sell something or attempting to use the thank you note as a sales pitch, but if customers or clients are very happy with your products and services, go right ahead. See more sample thank you notes here.

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Customer appreciation demonstrated by thank you notes

This morning was the closing  of one of my real estate properties that had been listed for nearly a year before it finally sold. At the time I listed the property, the market had been soft, but the competing active listings in the area were still priced relatively high, and the property owners insisted we start higher and slowly bring the price down to where I thought the home would sell. Needless to say, the home market had continued to drop, and it took a long time with many disappointments until we successfully closed the sale.

Everyone wants to be appreciated, and homeowners – both buyers and sellers are no exception. In real estate, repeat customers are our livelihood, not only because they provide us continued business through their loyalty, but we gain referrals and new customers through this very important avenue.

When I earned my real estate license and ordered my first 1000 business cards, I also ordered my first box of business stationery which included quality note cards that I could use for prospecting, sending invitations to special events of interest to customers I work with, and for writing thank you notes. After my trip to the bank to deposit my commission check this morning, I came home and wrote out my thank you notes.

Some of my colleagues send thank you notes by email, but I prefer to write them by hand. I think my customers and clients appreciate the effort when they know I have taken my personal time to write to them, and I always address the envelopes myself. I have a private supply of fun postage stamps – most of my clients know that I am a consummate animal lover, and my stamps are always about animals. I include only one business card in thank-you notes; I never want it to seem as if it is a sales pitch hidden by an insincere thank you.

So what do I write? Usually I get to know my customers quite well because of the time I spend with them during the selling process of a home, and I address them informally. I normally start my message with, ” It’s been my pleasure…”  I always thank them for their kindness, and I express my gratitude for allowing me to help them. I never forget to tell them how they have helped me to succeed and with that, I praise them for their loyalty and patience. At the end of my note I ask them for referrals.

Just from my own experience, I have yet to ever find a person who did not appreciate receiving nice mail.

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Five W’s of Thank You Notes for Co-workers

thank-you One of the search queries that someone typed in recently was “thank you notes for co-workers.” I’ve talked about thank you notes for customers (including samples and what to do if you have bad handwriting), but I don’t think I have ever mentioned what a good idea it is to send thank you notes to co-workers.

In fact, it is really useful. Having a good relationship with your co-workers is just as important as having a good relationship with your best customers. Chances are that you need their help and support to be able to do your job.

Who should get them.
Co-workers, contractors, consultants, etc. It is also perfectly okay for a boss to send an employee a thank you note. For more information, see when to send them.

What to say.
Keep it simple and sincere. Say something along the lines of:


Thanks so much for helping me out on Tuesday. It means a lot to me that you took time to stay late and help me finish up the project. I know you didn’t have to and I really appreciate you doing so. You were a tremendous help and for that, I think an additional thank you is due.


Really brief, but hopefully sincere. Everything has a different style of writing and expressing themselves. The above kind of represents my style, but I think it can give you an idea.

Why send them.
It is extremely important to get along well with your co-workers and other people you need to work with. If you let them know that you appreciate them, chances are they will be a lot more likely to help you out in the future. A lot of people don’t mind helping if they feel appreciated.

Where to send them.
You can send them to the person’s office (probably most appropriate). If you know the employee well, you can send the note to their home. It is okay to hand the thank you note to the person at the office or wherever you happen to see them as well.

When to send them.
Like with customer thank you notes, you only want to send thank you notes to co-workers when the situation calls for it. If they have recently done something in particular that really helped you out, have constantly been helpful to you over a period of time (i. e. a month), etc., then it is time (and appropriate) to send a thank you note.

How they should be.
Thank you notes should be written (hopefully handwritten) on cards. No need for a Hallmark card. Just a simple piece of stationery with your note is just fine. Email is not the best medium for a sincere thank you note, but is always better than nothing.

Quick Post: Thank you notes and bad handwriting.

I was asked a question about what people with bad handwriting should do when it comes to writing handwritten thank you notes.

I can relate. My handwriting has always been terrible. It shows no sign of improvement and I have to write out a lot of thank you notes. This could present a serious problem, right? Actually, not really.

The big tip here? Print carefully and make your handwriting as legible as possible. Send out the card anyway. Even if your handwriting is bad, getting a handwritten thank you note from a company, colleague, etc. will impress the recipient.

If possible, ask someone else to write it. Everyone knows someone with good hand writing, so just ask them to write a few lines down (with text you provide, of course). That is probably the best solution.

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Sample Client Thank You Notes

According to some of the statistics reports I get (I’m watching you – kind of, sort of, not really), readers are interested in sample client thank you notes.

So, here are a few suggestions:

1. Random, thank you for being a customer note.

Hi John,

I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for being a customer of Company XYZ. We love working with you and are honored that you select us time and time again to be your preferred widget cleaner. Your continued support and and suggestions have help us grow into a better company. For that, I wanted to send you a special note thanking you.

Thank you so much! We look forward to continuing to work with you for years to come.

Best regards,

Bob Bobsen
Company XYZ

2. Thank you for your order!

Hi John,

Thanks for your order with Company XYZ!

Thank you so much for your order with Company XYZ. We appreciate you choosing us to be your widget cleaner. Rest assured, we will work our hardest to provide you with quality widget cleaning services for years to come.

Welcome to the Company XYZ family. Thank you again for your order. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards,

Bob Bobsen
Company XYZ

3. Thank you for a compliment.

Hi John,

One of our customer service representatives, Sam, forwarded me your note from yesterday.

I wanted to send you a quick email [or letter] to thank you for the compliment. We try very hard and it makes everyone, especially the involved representative (in this case, Sam) feel great when customers send us words of praise. Customer service is a hard job and it’s compliments like yours that help us go to work with a smile on our faces every day!

Thank you again for your compliment. It is truly our pleasure to serve and work with you on a daily basis.

Best regards,

Bob Bobsen
Company XYZ

4. Thank you for your feedback.

Hi John,

Thank you for sending your feedback to Company XYZ! We truly appreciate it when customers take time out of their busy days to provide us with some open and honest feedback about our products and services.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel. We appreciate your business and truly want to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Best regards,

Bob Bobsen
Company XYZ

Those are just four sample thank you notes. The key things each thank you note most do are:

Address the customer by name and be personal.
Each note should contain some specifics about the situation, the compliment, or whatever. That way, the customer knows it isn’t just a canned response.

Be from someone who is either a manager/executive or directly involved.
In other words, you shouldn’t have a dedicated “thank you note sender.” The note has to come from someone at manager/executive level (hopefully related to the position/situation) or from someone who was is on the frontline.  For example, if someone sends their feedback about an advertisement you placed, either the Director of Marketing or a staff copy writer should reply. Not someone from your PR or legal department.

Be sincere.
If you can’t be sincere with your thank you notes, don’t write them.

Praise the customer.
The point of thanking them is almost to praise them. Thank them for their business, for their understanding, etc. They want to know that you care about what they did and there is no better way to let them know by saying so.

Send them.
You can’t say anything unless you actually send thank you notes. Make a habit of sending thank you notes. Hand write them and (snail) mail them once in a while as well. Email is great, but there is nothing like a hand written thank you note.

As I’ve said before, thank you for reading Service Untitled! I appreciate all the comments, emails, suggestions, and more that the great readers provide on a daily basis. They have helped me grow and develop as a professional and a blogger.

More on thank you notes can be found here and here.

Have a great weekend!

Don’t forget to say thank you for your business

217 KindWhether you’re a small business or a large business, saying thank you is a timeless pathway to stronger relationships. Never underestimate the power of a few sincere words. Didn’t our mothers teach us just that?

There are many ways to show our appreciation, so depending on your budget, time restraints, size of your business, or even the type of business, here are some tried and true examples that might come in handy:

  • Have a thank you party with a theme. In my real estate office, my co-worker Steve B. holds an annual picnic and accompanying invitation to the nearby baseball park in Jupiter, Florida. Steve invites his past clients and their families and friends to a neighborhood park area and has everyone bring a covered dish. It’s a fun time for families, and a great time to catch up with old friends.
  • Invest in quality thank you notes. If you run a bakery where you design the fanciest of wedding cakes, why not purchase stationery to reflect the elegance of your product? In real estate, I design my thank you notes to reflect Keyes Real Estate Services with a hint of additional personalization to make it uniquely me.
  • Make it warm and personal. This is the time to just thank someone. There should be no agendas; not even the hint of asking for a referral.
  • Thank someone in a timely manner. Have your thank you notes out within 48 hours of the sale or service. Find some way to show your appreciation immediately.
  • Continue to send out gratitude expressions by sending out value newsletters or educational material that will benefit your customer now or in the future. For instance, in the real estate profession, the economy has made such a profound impact on both buyers and sellers, customers and clients appreciate the updates. And again, it is not being used as a sales ploy; it is meant to be helpful and educational.
  • Send follow-up thank you notes, business birthday cards, and greetings at the right time. Use different times of the year or holidays to remind your customers and clients how much you appreciate their business. Now it’s springtime – why not send a greeting?
  • Thank your employees for a job well done. It is not just customers who need to be thanked. The staff who work for an organization are the people who have helped you to climb the ladder of success.
  • Don’t forget to thank the customers who complained. While you might have found them frustrating and at times irritating, if you have taken the proper steps to resolve problems and enlisted their help to make changes, it is very possible these are the people who might very well be carrying the torch of new business.

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Finding your first customers using great customer service

The hardest part of succeeding in a new business is finding those first customers. An integral part of your business plan then is to define the type of business you have and start convincing people how you can help them. So where do I find my customers? Start by going to where prospective customers go in your line of business. Go to trade and professional groups. If you are new to boat sales, why not go to the closest boat show? There’s a plethora of people looking at boats; some are just window shoppers, but there’s always a buyer in there somewhere.

Continue to spread your name through advertising networks. If you are a new Realtor, for instance, show that you are an expert in your field by writing brief articles and submitting them for free to local trade publications. Don’t make a sales pitch either; do it for the exposure. Never forget to volunteer in your community no matter which profession or career you have chosen; volunteering is free visibility and the ability to network with others in your industry.

Now you have some new customers, but how do you nurture and keep them? Great customer service sets businesses apart very quickly. Once you educate your new customers that you are an expert in your field and can deliver the best products or services, your potential customers will become your reality. If you’re in the manufacturing business or merchandise, concentrate on your goods being delivered in perfect condition. Call your new customer after the items are delivered to make sure everything arrived the way expected, and if not, replace the item(s) immediately.

Now how about those people who just shop around and never buy anything? In real estate sales that can get pretty common, but it can also get expensive since time is money. Find out why they aren’t buying anything. In real estate, it might mean that you are not listening closely enough to the customer to figure out their needs and their specifications. A boat sales person might not be listening to the exact needs of his customer either. Go out of your way to meet the customer’s needs. At the very least, you will have pleased them, and it is likely a referral will come to you somewhere down the line.

And remember, as you now have customers and you are treating them as you would want to be treated in business, continue to nurture the relationship, and show your appreciation often. Send them thank you cards or personal notes; take the extra step and more customers will come.

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How to show customers you appreciate their business

The company owner sets the rules, and employees need to live and know them. The old adage “the customer is always right” isn’t realistic, but empowering employees and rewarding employees for superb service helps each customer sense your appreciation.

Perhaps sharing the following with the front line people can add to the desired goals of dependability, promptness and competence.  Helping the customer service representative communicate in an upbeat, positive way,  may just help the customer feel appreciated. Here are some useful phrases to incorporate in customer communications:

– “Good morning. How can I help you?” This starts the conversation in a friendly, non adversarial tone plus invites discussion. A customer feels you want to help them and not sell them a product and also putting them at ease.
– “I can help you solve your problem.” Now the customer service professional places the customer as the most important participant and promises a positive outcome. The positive statement inspires customer confidence.
– “I am not sure of the answer but I will find out for you by ……”. A sophisticated buyer could be bating a customer service representative for an answer the customer already knows, so it is always best to be honest and not just try to wow a customer with some fancy rhetoric without a definitive and honest answer. Honest answers inspire integrity.
– “I am responsible for this and I will take care of it.” A customer knows what to expect and can depend on the customer service representative to stick by the agreed upon terms, price and if applicable… the promised delivery date.
– “I will call you on Friday ( or whenever) and update you on my progress.” If you promise to call on Friday with updates, make sure you follow-up and make sure you call.
– “Your delivery date is set for ….” If a delivery date is set for Thursday, it is the company’s job to make sure the delivery day is met. Sometimes it takes a better relationship with vendors to ensure delivery dates. When companies pay vendors on time, learn to deal with honorable vendors, insist on reliability and dependability of their vendors, delivery dates happen at specified and agreed upon dates and times. Efficient pre-planning and efficiency don’t just happen; they are cultivated and nurtured.
– “I have the particulars of your order. Let’s go over it.” Each order must be exactly what the customer ordered. Customers don’t want to hear of a similar product or a promise that what you are going to deliver is better. They want what they ordered.
– “Did you get everything you ordered and are you satisfied with your order?” The order should be complete and the customer should have everything they ordered, in the time they ordered, in the method agreed upon when ordered, and in great condition.

    Superior customer service includes, the infamous “I appreciate your business, and is there anything else I can do for you?” Follow-up with surveys, thank-you notes and, more service; customers are sure to keep coming back.

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