A Better Type of ISP

Tuesday’s post was about how a particular airline employee delivers exceptional customer service on a consistent basis. Today’s post is about an ISP that is taking the high road when it comes to customer service and actually paying attention to it. I’m not sure what is up this week, but whatever it is, it’s odd.

I read this post about how an Irish ISP called Perlico has an interesting IVR. Much of like I described in my post on little things that add humor in customer service, when you call Perlico, you can push 3 to hear a duck quack. They realize that IVRs are often long, annoying, and boring, and are trying to poke fun at it. In an industry as boring as Internet service, my thoughts are more power to them.

The interesting thing about Perlico having their quacking IVR is that it actually created a viral marketing campaign. 70,000 people called in 3 days – that is a huge number of calls. It’s great exposure for Perlico and everyone seemed to have a pretty good laugh about it. I’m not sure if they intended to do that, but it was a great result nonetheless.

Here is a segment from a radio show that featured the IVR (weird sentence). It is fairly funny. The voice on the IVR says push 3 to hear a duck quack just like the other two, very serious options.

Another thing that is very interesting about Perlico is that they post quite a few customer service statistics right on their web site. They show how quickly they answer the phone, how often they resolve issues, etc. The information is pretty useful and the transparency is great. Very few companies, much less ISPs, do that.

I think it is also worth noting that it is fairly simple to add the duck quacking IVR option and customer service statistics page to your web site. Not that complicated and it definitely sets you apart.

I love to see and write about companies that do something relatively common and add their unique twist to it. Those are the companies I find to be most interesting. They are the prime examples of what great customer service and a customer-centric attitude can accomplish. If you know of any companies like that, I encourage you to tell me. I write about them as I hear about them, but I am sure there are plenty more out there.

I don’t live in Ireland and am not a Perlico customer, so I can’t say how the company is first hand. However, I am guessing that they are better than most. Certainly better than Cox, right?

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One Response to “A Better Type of ISP”

  1. Scot Herrick said:

    Sep 05, 07 at 2:15 pm

    One assumes that their customers know what the stats mean, but, outside of that, what a great idea. The posting means that there is some objective evidence out there that supports or doesn’t support your current experience with the company.

    Perhaps companies are finally coming around to the fact that they survive by serving customers. It’s a concept.

    I hope you find some more!