A little customer service tip for bloggers.

In the spirit of Little Things, Big Differences, I would like to provide the readers of Service Untitled with a little story/tip. If you subscribe to Service Untitled, you have likely experienced it already.

Here’s the little inside tip: Anyone who subscribes via email to Service Untitled gets a personalized note from me.

This little email is rarely more than a line or two, but I send it out anyways. I thank the user for subscribing and usually ask how they heard about Service Untitled. I also encourage them to post comments, send in post suggestions, and so on. If they heard about Service Untitled from a specific blogger or web site, I usually check out that web site, too.

Before emailing the person, I try to find out a little bit about them. I’ll Google their email address, look at their email’s domain (i. e. bob@company.com), and so on. I then try to use that information to customize the email as much as possible. I try to learn about my readers and try to write posts that will interest them.

Then, at the bottom of the email, I throw in a little note: This is *not* an automated message. I try to have this email represent what a little thing that makes a difference is and how even bloggers can practice great customer service.

I would do the same thing for RSS, but there isn’t a way to track down specific RSS subscribers. Plus, I have a lot more RSS subscribers than email subscribers.

However, I usually do the same thing for people who comment at Service Untitled. I often email them a quick thank you note with some more information relating to whatever they posted about or just thank them for reading. I’m trying to start replying in the comments (instead of email) more and have been working on that.

My blog is small enough where I can still do things like this. Service Untitled has been growing a lot, but the blog is still relatively small. I’m happy with it that way and look forward to sending many more personalized thank you notes to subscribers and commenters.

Do you make customer service a part of your blog?

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