A little thing that made a big difference.

Last week I was reading a post entitled “Mining March Madness” at Flooring the Consumer. As I was reading the post, I thought about how cool it was that the store went well out of their way to make it a great experience for the customer. The story comes from a lady who has a lot of experience in retail with Sears and obviously did a great job.

Basically, what the lady did was:

  • Made a nice environment for guys in the store to watch the game or other TV.
  • They would have chairs, popcorn, food, water, and all that stuff. The store got the local food vendors to give away samples and the water (with an ad on it) donated. The vendors also gave out coupons .
  • Sales people dressed in team colors (they were given an additional discount on related items).
  • To ensure things ran well, they added extra trash cans and had salespeople keep things clean. The store also posted signs asking food/beverage to be limited within the theater area.
  • To gather feedback, they placed surveys asking about the store and the shopping experience. The results were good.

From a business perspective, it worked well. The sales in the fashion areas increased during customer appreciation events/promotions like the March Madness ones. Wives could shop while their husbands watched TV and ate. This is like stores giving men a place to sit.

The store also stacked featured products near the TVs where the guys were. Sony gave out web cards, balloons, and key cards highlighting new and improved products, which likely helped electronic sales as well. The guys could look at all the high tech stuff and watch TV, the girls could shop for clothes. Seems much better than an average retail experience.

The store learned that men read and hold onto printed materials more than women. To benefit from this, the store placed warranty information, product care brochures, and all of those things around the area.

Supposedly the section of the store became known as Daddy Daycare. As a guy, I’m not sure if I would appreciate the area having that name (guys, what do you think?) – but I know I would like what the area offered.

This is a great example of a little thing (not really easy, but not a really huge deal, either) that made a big difference. Everyone was happy – the girls, the guys, the employees, and the store’s business people. It’s a win-win-win-win and those are very hard to come by in any industry.

Oh, and it’s always nice to write about a positive experience instead of a negative one.

2 Responses to “A little thing that made a big difference.”

  1. C. B. Whittemore said:

    Apr 17, 07 at 3:36 pm

    Doug, thanks for adding your perspective on this post!

  2. Pete Aldin said:

    Apr 18, 07 at 5:13 pm

    The Daddy Daycare is a bit cheeky, but I’d be very happy at this kind of service and it would win me over.