A Mix of Things

I came across this page not too long ago and found it fairly interesting. The article outlines 12 steps for customer surveys and has some interesting information in it. The site has quite a few interesting articles on it – it certainly worth a look. The 12 steps are:

  1. Set the goal of the survey.
  2. Select the responsible persons in your organization.
  3. Determine the medium.
  4. Select the customers to survey.
  5. What’s in it for the customer?
  6. Write the customer survey.
  7. Testing the customer survey.
  8. Send out the survey.
  9. Handle the response.
  10. Analyze the information.
  11. Plan your action.
  12. Just do it.

The process is not a bad one and is actually quite effective. I’ll talk more about surveys this week. I’d also like to add a step. I had to call Linksys a few weeks ago and they sent me a survey shortly after I called. This was fine, but I didn’t get a chance to go over the survey until Friday. I went to click on the link and it didn’t work. I was asked to download a file instead of being presented with a customer satisfaction survey. So add “make sure everything works” to the steps as well – that way you know the surveys you are sending are effective.
While browsing the same site, I came across this article, which listed some Little Things that make a Big Difference like:

  • Answering a call by the third ring
  • Transferring a call quickly to the proper person
  • Timely return of voice mail and e-mail
  • Eye contact
  • A warm smile
  • A friendly hello
  • Just a moment, I’ll be right with you
  • Excuse me just a moment, let me find out
  • A polite and sincere tone
  • A genuine apology when warranted
  • You’re welcome
  • A heartfelt thank you
  • An honest attempt to help
  • Your undivided attention
  • Following up as promised
  • Taking the extra step in any situation
  • Honesty about problems and mistakes

Other interesting articles, which are worth a read and I may talk about more over the next few weeks:

  • 8 Critical Steps to Build a Customer Service Culture – Link
  • Words to avoid when talking to customers – Link

If anyone is particularly interested in any of the subjects I listed (or anything else on that site), let me know by posting a comment and I will try to cover it.

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