A simple thank you is a big deal.

I called a certain company’s customer service department the other day and I noticed something that pleasantly surprised me: I was thanked. I was thanked on several separate occasions for things like verifying my identity, my patience, my call, my business, and a few other similar things/actions.

A thank you can do amazing things for your customer service. Even the simple  word “thanks” will definitely help make the customer service experience better and more enjoyable for the customer. Customers like to feel appreciated and thanking them is a great way to do it.

Thank your customer often.
When the customer does anything that they don’t volunteer to do is a good rule of thumb for when to thank them. For example, you ask for verification and thank them once they provided it. This rule can be dissolve as you get further into the call and are doing things like troubleshooting (if a tech support representative thanked me every time I clicked something or restarted my computer, it would drive me crazy).

Things like thanking customers for account verification, thanking them for patience, for calling, for their business, for referring other customers, etc. are fine and encouraged.

Be sincere.
If you or any representatives just brush off the thank you as another thing that comes up on the prompt, it’ll be wasting everyone’s time and actually hurt the customer service experience. Make sure your thank you’s are sincere or don’t give them.

Vary it slightly.
If you have already said, “thanks” or “thank you” a thousand times, you can vary it a bit as well. Say something like “Thank you, I appreciate that.” It still has thank you in it, but it is slightly different. If the customer senses you are just saying thanks or thank you because it is on the prompt, it won’t help the customer service experience at all.

No robots!
If the customer verifies his phone number, don’t spit back “Thank you for providing your telephone number for our security verification.” Nothing screams script (or outsourced) more than that. Even “Thank you for verifying that information” may be pushing it a little bit. Something like “Thank you, I’m verifying your account now. I appreciate your patience.” That screams great customer service.

Thank lots of people.
Don’t limit your thanks to just customers. Thank employees, partners, distributors, supervisors, management members, stockholders, and whoever else you can think. It rarely hurts (as long as you are sincere) and everyone likes to be appreciated. Be sure to make the thank you personal (Dear Writers at –Magazine-: Thank you for all of your hard work at making –Magazine- great. Your research, writing, and wit has been us one of the best and we couldn’t have done it without you.) or you will defeat the purpose.

Short post today, but one about an important topic. Thanking customers, partners, employees, and whoever else you deal with is critical to creating and/or maintaining good relationships with them.

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading Service Untitled.

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