Abercrombie & Fitch Customer Service

Abercrombie does not let customers buy clothes from mannequins. A few days before Christmas, I went shopping at the mall with my friend and her daughter. One of the  favorite stops for her daughter is Abercrombie and Fitch; of course, it caters to the fashionable, modern collegiate lifestyle. My friend’s daughter is very petite, barely standing five feet tall and being a gymnast who is also very slim, wears either a size “O” or a size “OO”.

Immediately, a pair of pale blue designer jeans in size “OO” catches her eye. So off we went to the dressing room, but the store was very crowded and the two dressing rooms in the rear of the store had a waiting line. There were no sales people available, so we wandered over to the front of the store and noticed two vacant  dressing rooms. My friend’s daughter slipped underneath the locked door while her mother and I went in search of a sales person.

When we found a sales representative, she told us we could not use the dressing rooms in front of the store, and we would have to wait in line. As she took the jeans to hold them until one of the two dressing rooms was vacant, she told us the jeans were not for sale since size “OO” were only used on the mannequins, and someone had made a mistake by hanging the jeans on a rack for sale.

My friend’s daughter then asked about a leather belt. Again, the only “extra small” was on the mannequin, and again she was denied the merchandise even though she asked why the sales person just could not replace the belt on the mannequin? Needless to say how disappointed the shopping experience was that day.

Perhaps Abercrombie and Fitch would have better served us  if they had more sales people available on such a busy shopping day immediately before Christmas. Their reputation indicates they hire more sales staff than needed on a daily basis and since sales people are used on a rotational basis,  increasing the sales force would have allowed more dressing rooms to be made available.

As to the jeans in the extra small size, I can appreciate the need to keep the mannequins well fitted, but these jeans were  on the rack, even if by error, and not needed to be on any display mannequin. Abercrombine enforced a policy that essentially made no difference (and inconvenienced a customer) on principle.

Also, as to the belt, I think it would have been a well-intentioned decision to take the belt that my friend’s daughter wanted off the mannequin and replaced it with another belt. Afterall, isn’t that what customer service is about?

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  1. louis said:

    Nov 12, 10 at 5:13 am

    I had the wrong color shipped to me of no fault of mine, in fact the color is not even available on the website at all (no color swatch to choose, only one option) but when it arrived, it is something i never seen before. So i emailed A&F to resolve the issue, main question is to ask if i need to pay for my own shipping to send the product back to them. Communication was good for the first day, then it totally stopped for 3 days. Each day i would send them 1 email to prompt for a response. Below is the response on the 4th day, and my response. Their customer service really sucks and i’m still waiting for their reply.

    A&F email reply to me:

    We apologize for the delay in finding a resolution for the problem with the Emmons Mountain jacket. We will not have you ship the incorrect item back to us in any case.

    Keep in mind that each time you contact us for an update, it pulls your issue out of the Distribution Center work queue until have an opportunity to answer your update email. This delays us in actually working on the Emmons Mountain issue. We understand that it is frustrating to be waiting for a solution in a situation like this, but we would ask that you do not reply to this email again, so that we can keep it escalated. If you have not received an update on this issue by Wednesday, November 17, please email us separately and use this reference number: 101107-002769. We look forward to solving the problem with your Emmons Mountain.

    Customer Service
    Abercrombie & Fitch
    Check us out!

    You’ve asked, and we listened! Woods is officially back: http://bit.ly/ANFWoods_YouAsked


    Your email served no purpose to me other than to frustrate both of us all over again. I am not interested in your process workflows and I do not need to know them. In waiting for the 4th day now, not a single email from u offered any form of explanation with regards to my specific questions, even the email that u just sent.

    It seems that someone had already decided not to resolve my issue when u said that u would not have my incorrect item shipped back anyways. I am very confused by your statement and as a long and regular customer, I would like to know why.

    It is ironic that u changed the email title to “hit us back” and sign off with “you’ve asked and we listen”. And then u tell me not to email back for a week because of the “distribution centre” priority allocation method. It does not make sense! Its like being asked to retake a queue number to see the dentist when I merely asked the nurse a simple question (like how long do I have to wait)!

    Frustrations aside, I genuinely would like to understand my issue better and would still like an explanation. Your response was deeply not satisfying at all and caused more confusion instead, please reread it from a customers point of view and understand how a customer would feel after reading a response like that. Seriously.


  2. Outlet Moncler said:

    Dec 27, 11 at 8:02 am

    I do like the manner in which you have framed this specific concern plus it really does give me personally a lot of fodder for consideration. On the other hand, from everything that I have experienced, I just simply hope as the opinions pile on that folks continue to be on issue and in no way start on a tirade associated with some other news of the day. All the same, thank you for this fantastic piece and although I do not go along with this in totality, I respect the perspective.