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Founded in April 2006, Service Untitled is a leading blog on customer service and the customer service experience. Through multiple posts a week, the writers behind Service Untitled write about how customer service can help set a company apart from its competition and how to go about implementing industry-leading customer service processes and procedures.

What does Service Untitled focus on?
Service Untitled focuses on pragmatic and simple solutions to real customer service problems. Service Untitled’s goal is to focus on the practical and not write about problems from an “academic” point of view. In addition to content from Service Untitled’s regular writers, the blog features regular interviews with industry leaders, posts from guest writers, and special content.

Why customer service?
Depending on which studies you read and what industry you work in, the importance of customer service ranges from quite important to mission critical. Restaurants are usually graded on two things – food and service. Hotels are regularly judged on their customer service and it is service that sets hotel chains like the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton apart from Marriott and Hilton. Retail stores like Nordstrom have been successful largely due to their customer service (while stores like Wal-Mart seem to view customer service as a costly and pretty much unnecessary addon). Many technology companies of all shapes and sizes use their customer service as a key selling point and list customer service as a great benefit of using them as opposed to their competition. Customer service has the power to set companies apart from their competition at least and make or break a company at most.

What does the name “Service Untitled’ mean or refer to?
I am frequently asked what the name Service Untitled means and how it came about. The blog is named such because I couldn’t think of a better name. Due to my disappointing lack of creativity, I named the blog Service Untitled out of pure spite (to whom, I don’t know).

When I explain the etymology of “Service Untitled,” people often become disappointed, hoping the name represents (stands for! defends!) the anonymous service provider, the plight of the consumer, or the untitled service department in an almost undeniably Orwellian organization that is found somewhere on the Fortune 500 list. While I love dystopian literature and the idea of a greater meaning behind the blog’s name certainly makes the blog (and as an extension of that, what I do for a living) seem more glamorous, it simply isn’t the case.

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