still a leader in customer service’s newest customer service facility opened on Friday with a fanfare of speeches and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The new 70,000 square-foot center in Kinetic Park, West Virginia was described as a “perfect fit” by Vice President of Amazon customer service Tom Weiland. The new site will provide the company with more flexibility to train workers and take care of customers.

There are approximately 500 employees, and Amazon is planning through a job fair to immediately hire 200 more innovators and problem solvers. The company states they look for candidates that know what needs to be done and then acts upon those tasks. Products sold and supported at the Huntington facility will be Amazon’s retail Kindle, Amazon Instant Video, and Amazon Prime. Service representatives will be handling phones, emails, and chat contacts.

Customer service representatives are recognized as valuable partners in the company’s success also. Creature comforts such as a quiet reading areas, game room with television, pool tables and ping-pong tables are available for some downtime.

So what makes Amazon so successful? After all the company is rated as one of the favorite online businesses customers want to use. The answers are obvious – Amazon makes everything easy. The company offers low prices, vast selections, fast delivery, and convenient buying and returning. The focus is on the customer experience and having everything the customer wants.

Amazon’s innovative ideas have resulted in price guarantees, alerts to rising and dropping prices, and through this builds consumer confidence – enough to be labeled as one of the “most reputable” businesses. Their product reviews have surpassed most other sites, and more people continue to use Amazon as a research tool. Even the company’s technological advances such as the Kindle e-reader, the Android app store and movie streaming service has set them apart from their competition.

In my own experience, my son just purchased a Kindle for my birthday recently, and not more than two-weeks later, the Kindle Fire was announced. I had already thrown most of the packaging away, but wrapped up the original one, sent it back, no questions asked and I am eagerly awaiting the new one when it is released on November 15.

When once asked what founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos thought about on his own time, he responded he was obsessed with customers and felt driven to become the most customer-centric company on the planet.  It looks as if that might be happening.

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2 Responses to “ still a leader in customer service”

  1. Christine Woods said:

    Nov 13, 11 at 1:33 am

    I have also have great customer service experiences with Amazon. They are very quick and helpful when you have a problem.

  2. Ben McClelland said:

    Dec 09, 11 at 7:57 pm

    I’ve had an extremely poor customer experience with Amazon recently. After being a loyal customer of of 8 years and despite spending thousands of dollars with Amazon each year, when I mistakenly ordered the incorrect size of a specific coat, the company refused to exchange it for the size I hand intended to order in the first place. The problem? Were I to return the coat and simply repurchase the coat, it would have cost me an extra $110 as the particular sale had ended 5 days later. Any brick and mortar would have exchanged the item no questions asked and I probably would have picked up som additional item while I was at it… Its simply amazing that a company like Amazon would value the loyalty of a long-time customer so little and would not work with a “valued” customer so little!