Amazon Gets Call Backs Right

I talk about click to call/call backs every now and then. Recently, I saw a post on the GetHuman blog about how well Amazon did with their click to call/call back solution. Amazon seems to have used the click to call technology to their advantage. eStara provided their thoughts as well.

The technology was able to tell that Lorna was logged in and automatically verify her identity. By checking out who you are logged in as, they can skip account verification, and answer questions right away. I believe that when companies use click to call for reasons like that, they are using it effectively. It seems to be a powerful technology and like many technologies, when it’s used correctly, it can be a lot of help.

By doing this, Amazon can avoid a lot of frustrations. It saves time on the call and subsequently, saves the company money. Lorna was connected to a representative right away, which is a lot better than being connected to just a hold queue. That seems to be what a lot of companies do with click to call – they just connect the company to the hold queue.

Lorna pointed out that the represenatives sounded foreign and the company was having some technical problems. She also pointed out that the prompts talked a bit much, but weren’t too bad.

I don’t like how Amazon forces you to use click to call – they should allow you to just call a number as well. However, since they do click to call right, it isn’t so bad.

I wonder if GetHuman is going to start including click to call in their ratings? Should be interesting.

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