An Executive’s (Quick) Guide to Customer Service: PDF Version

As promised, here is the free download of the PDF version (with an expanded introduction and some other extra information) of the Executive’s Quick Guide to Customer Service.

Since everyone has different browser settings and such, here is an easy way to download the file:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the file titled “ExecGuidetoCS.pdf”.
  3. Click Save and save the document to your Desktop or a folder of your choice.
  4. Open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader (my personal favorite).
  5. Read and enjoy!

If clicking the file does not work, you may need to right click it and choose an option like “Save Target As”. One of those two ways seems to work on pretty much every computer.

You are free (and encouraged) to distribute the article around to friends and colleagues – just ensure you follow the terms outlined at the end (basically, don’t remove anything). The article will hopefully be helpful to you and/or people within your company.

There will be many more downloadable PDF articles on customer service available on Service Untitled in the upcoming months. Most likely, they will all be distributed under the same terms. The next one is the Big List of Things Not to Say. After that, I expect I will go through some old posts and pick out the “gems” and make those available as PDFs as well.

I would like to wish all my U.S. readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I will be taking the day off, but will be back with a short post on Friday. Normal postings will continue on Monday.

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    […] The problem is that the management doesn’t always to cooperate. That may be where the Executive’s (Quick) Guide to Customer Service comes in (this post is good, too), but quite frankly, it just requires a lot of hard (and persistent) work. As “that executive” who cares about customer service – don’t give up hope. Management will eventually be convinced that customer service is beneficial and the way to go. It may take some (or a lot) of convincing, but it is possible. Technorati tags: Customer Service, Customer Service Experience, Big Companies, Management « Out of Stock?   […]

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