AOL Customer Service – Better Than Expected

image1 My parents use AOL. It is a company and a product that I don’t really like. When my mom told me she was having problems with AOL and I figured out I couldn’t fix them right away, I was not looking forward to calling AOL.

I found AOL’s technical support phone number on GetHuman and dealt with an annoying phone menu (IVR for the more . It quickly verified my parent’s account with their phone number and screen name, but wouldn’t let me get to a human without arguing with it for a while. Needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed at this point.

However, when the IVR deemed me worthy and connected to me to a human (which was done without having to hold), I was fairly impressed. Judging by her accent, the representative I spoke to was not American. She sounded like she was India, but that wasn’t an issue. I was able to understand her without any problem. Her grammar wasn’t perfect, but what she said always made sense.

The representative’s biggest strength, though, was that she was friendly. She had a great attitude. She sounded like she wanted to help me and was very positive. The troubleshooting tips I was being told to do made sense.

The first round of troubleshooting steps didn’t work, but without putting me on hold, she had something else that she had my try. It did the trick and the problem was resolved.  I was impressed. The experience was way better than I had expected (long hold times, unfriendly representatives, no resolution).

As I was ending the call, I told her to tell her supervisor that she did a great job. The representative (whose name I didn’t catch, by the way) asked if I would like to talk to her supervisor. I said sure and within a couple of seconds was speaking to the supervisor. I told the supervisor what a great job my representative did. I explained (briefly) that my expectations weren’t high and that the lady helping me did a terrific job. The supervisor, who was very friendly as well, thanked me for my compliment and told me the representative who was helping me was one of the best agents on the floor.

I can see why the supervisor might say that. A friendly representative and a solved problem. Kudos to AOL for a job well done.

Also, a very Happy Halloween to everyone! Make it a safe and fun night!