Bank of America Gets Verification Right

I’ve talked about the importance (and how to) confirm personal details before. The confirmation of personal details is an important part of any customer service experience. Not all companies deal with sensitive information, so it isn’t a necessary part of the experience for all of them, but for many, it is. A company where it is important to verify personal details is a bank.

It wasn’t long ago that I wrote some nice things about Bank of America. I stand by those nice things I said and have actually have some more nice things to say (pretty unordinary for a bank, right?).

I had to call Bank of America today for an unrelated issue. Besides the menu being somewhat (not very) simple and being connected almost immediately to a friendly, English speaking representative, the experience was very positive. The 198,000 employee banking behemoth has what seems to be a top of the line phone system that is pretty well designed.

As soon as I called the phone number for Bank of America, the phone system came on with the company’s trademark jingle and a calm phone system voice. I was immediately asked to enter in my social security number or tax ID number. I entered mine in and the phone system then said I was calling from an authorized number and that everything was okay.

I picked the option I needed to and was connected to the right person. He asked me for my name and then said he had to ask one quick question to verify I was the account holder. He asked for a verbal password. I had no idea what it was, but he explained that it was not a problem and could ask another question. He asked the question, which I answered without too much trouble and my account was all verified. The process was painless and took about 30 seconds.

That is a good way to verify an identity. Have the technology do the majority of it. That way, I don’t have to give my social security number to someone I don’t know. It’s important to use technology to help you (Apple did, as I wrote about here) and your company.

Kudos to Bank of America for making this usually annoying part of the customer service experience pretty painless.