Be an advocate for customer satisfaction

John FowlerWe’re a few weeks into the new year, and most of us are looking forward to a profitable 2011. In the real estate market, the past few years have been challenging, however customer satisfaction strategies remain an important key to success. I work in a progressive and staff empowering office, and thought today I would share some of the strategies the manager of our office uses to help agents promote customer satisfaction. After all, the success of any real estate professional is greatly affected by their customer service and satisfaction skills.

Keyes Real Estate is a family owned business selling real estate throughout Florida. It’s a very hands on organization with management priorities reflected in the positive attitude of the owners. There is a profound appreciation for team members who contribute to the success of the company. The positive momentum is recognized with each and every staff meeting; the manager has never walked into a meeting in a “bad” mood. There is no negativity; there are always strategies introduced for success. The organization’s commitment to the best tools, the latest technology, and the extensive training offered are by far no accidents.

Customer satisfaction in real estate comes as a result of well-trained real estate agents who are comfortable with themselves and able to apply the tools available to ensure the best possible outcome for either a buyer or a seller. Staff meetings provide recognition of success, praise, staff interaction, and the timeless strong message of team players within the organization. Individual successes are recognized, and team members share their stories – many times inspiring others to reach for the stars. Actions to improve customer satisfaction are regularly highlighted; problem solving workshops work hand in hand providing solutions to enhance service commitments. Although there is always competition within the group, rewards are still recognized on all different levels of achievement.

The business of people pleasing and anticipating customer needs make selling real estate an exciting profession. When customers are made the priority and real estate agents deliver exceptional service, the ultimate rewards of loyalty and repeat business make the difference between good and great realtors. Maybe more so in real estate now than ever – if we don’t take care of our customers, our competition will!

photo credit: Oracle_Photos_Screenshots