Bed Bath & Beyond – Going the extra mile

Bed Bath & Beyond is a truly fun place to shop. From the moment I walk in and smell the gentle aromas of sweetly scented candles, attractive displays and sales representatives who greet me at the door and bid me a good morning, I am already in a good mood.

The store is great for home improvements as well as home decor. In the bed linen and blanket department, displays of  blanket covers, matching duvets and color coordinated accessories provide innovative decorating ideas. Last week when I was redoing my guest room, I wanted to purchase two new throw pillows to match the comforter. I had the material swatch with me, and to my dismay that line of bed covers and accessories had been discontinued.

To my rescue, however came the best sales representative I have ever met in Bed Bath & Beyond. I showed her the fabric sample; she took a picture of it on her cellphone and emailed it to other stores looking for the exact match. Two days later, Melinda called me and told me she had found two matching pillows for me.

Melinda’s personal focus on my problem was truly impressive. She used her own ingenuity to tackle my problem and followed up until she found the exact merchandise I was searching for and followed up with a personal phone call to me. I was also able to use Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, each one good for 20% off for each item, and even though they had expired, the company continues to honor them. The coupons come in the mail on a regular basis, and I am able to use them whenever I shop in the store and never have to worry about expiration dates.

Typical management strategy is to use expiration dates on coupons to create an urgency so you get to the store quickly, but Bed Bath & Beyond not only honors expired coupons, but also has a price-match policy on identical items and will honor competitor coupons and prices as well.

I now find myself a frequent shopper in this store, and whenever Melinda is working she even greets me by my name.

photo credit: PlayfulLibrarian

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