Branding your customer service

Branding is about that logo we wear on our cross-trainers, the polo pony on my shirt, and the signature leather on my French made purse. It sets products apart from the generic and with some branding shows the world “we have arrived.”

It’s important to set customer service apart by creating a strong brand which in turn can give a business the competitive edge. Since the reputation of a company is based on the experiences of their customers, it is important to give them positive experiences. Remember that bad experiences are emotional also, and customers may not come back, but that can cost a company the loss of many new clients because now friends, neighbors and co-workers have all been told about the negative experience. Also consider that the neutral experience a customer might have is almost as bad as the negative experience because it has no emotional ties and thus is not memorable at all.

In customer service, the process usually involves multiple steps. For instance, there is the initial call routing, interaction, resolution, and then finalizing the resolution. Human assisted services are here to stay since not all customer service requests, complaints, orders, procedures, etc. qualify for the one-size fits all. Emphasizing the human assisted customer service over self-service can brand a company with a positive memorable experience. Some people just prefer the human touch.

Team representatives can be matched with the brand of the company. It’s much more of a positive memorable experience perhaps to have an athletic looking person providing customer service at the running store. A brand aligned agent creates the consistent and repetitive visibility since the public’s memory is very short. It is much more effective to expose your brand to a small audience numerous times than it is to advertise your business only once a year to a large audience.

Finally when branding your customer service, it is most important to have  unified objectives so customer experiences stay consistent. If clients have to experience different communication channels and are forwarded from one representative to another, it is crucial that the training and education of the staff be logical and consistent with the branding of the company. Simply stated; make sure the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing.

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