Built-in Simplicity

I proudly use WordPress to power my blog. It is the best blogging platform I’ve used and offers exactly what I need from a blogging platform. WordPress 2.7 includes a great feature called Auto Update that automatically alleviates one of the largest pains associated with any type of self-hosted software – the need to maintain the software by keeping up with upgrades.

Essentially, the Auto Update feature provides built-in simplicity. Using it, I was able to upgrade my blog to 2.7.1 in about 30 seconds. I didn’t have to download or replace files or go through a number of steps; all I had to do was click the button and wait a few seconds and it was all done. 

This is obviously a great feature and one that I am sure many WordPress users wish had been implemented sooner. The question you should ask yourself is this: can I automate any of the “pain points” in my software or service? WordPress identified upgrading as an annoying pain point and then automated it very effectively. Can you do the same at your company?