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Quick Post: How long should a phone survey be?

I’m going to start a something called a “Quick post.” It’s quite simple – a post shorter than my average 500 or so word post. I’m not sure how often I’ll do them, but for simple questions and posts, they work.

Today’s topic is how long should a phone survey be?

My quick answer would be 2 – 5 minutes. Anything less and you aren’t getting too much from the survey. Anything more and customers will start to get frustrated or looking at their watch.

When calling to do a survey, state how long it’ll take. Don’t lie or the customer won’t trust your company if you call again. Make sure at least 70 – 80% of the calls get done in the amount of time you say. If you say they average 2 minutes, and only 52% of calls are around 2 minutes, it isn’t good.

I have a whole category on surveys. There are some great tips/suggestions in it – go check them out.

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