Color Coding in Customer Service

I don’t think enough companies color code any of their customer service processes.  Color coding any sort of customer service processes is helpful and easy. Think about some of the simple possibilities:

  • Emails from new customers or priority customers are marked green so the staff knows to pay extra attentino to them.
  • New employees are given a different color name tag so existing employees know to help them out more.
  • Regulars or other VIPs (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) at a restaurant are given a different color placeholder or menu so the waiter can instantly recognize what makes them unique or special.
  • Certain papers customers need for certain things are color coded so staff members can instantly tell what the customer is there to be helped with and can direct them to the appropriate person.

There are only a couple examples out of an unlimited number of possible ways you can use color coding in your business. All of these examples help the respective business recognize and appreciate a particular customer or group of customers and customize the experience around their needs.

Any business can use color coding in customer service in one way or another. Just think about something special that needs to be easily emphasized or made known. Also think about certain elements that can be used to identify that group or need and then come up with a simple system to make the color coding practical.

Color coding is usually simple and inexpensive to implement. It is typically a small process change and then a matter of letting employees know what a certain color indicates and them acting accordingly.

From my experience, color coding is almost always worth trying. There is a lot to gain and little to lose. Do you use it all in your business?