Commandments 8-10

I’m going to finish up my mini-series on the Top 10 Commandments of Customer Service today with commandments 8 – 10.

8. Give more than expected. In the sense the article suggests, the advice probably belongs more in an article about business in general than about customer service specifically. Regardless, you should always try to be better than the rest. Always try to Wow your customers (as I was yesterday) and go the extra mile whenever possible. Your customers will certainly appreciate it.

9. Get regular feedback. I talk about the importance of collecting and using feedback a lot. It is probably one of the most talked about things on my blog. Always solicit feedback from customers, and once you have it, use it.

10. Treat employees well. Remember the three legged stool? Employees (not just customers) have to be happy as well. I talk a lot about what you can do to make employees happy – just remember: your employees are your customers too. Search for happy employees on Service Untitled and you’ll get an idea of what needs to be done to make employees happy.

So, those are the Top 10 Commandments of Customer Service according to that article. I think they are fairly accurate – 100%, no, but certainly on the right track. If most companies just followed these rules, they would be far better off than they are now.

Short post today, but it got the information across.

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