Comment and Win!

This week started off with part one of a three part interview with an executive from SupportSoft, the company behind

To add a little interest and excite, anyone who comments on any of the posts involving and/or SupportSoft, will be eligible to win a free USB massager. It is a neat little gift that makes a great gift for you or even a customer service stocking stuffer.

Service Untitled has been given a couple of massagers to giveaway, so get commenting! (And expect some more giveaways in the future!)

2 Responses to “Comment and Win!”

  1. Tim Proctor said:

    Nov 14, 07 at 11:26 am

    Interesting article. Their approach is one that should keep customers at ease. Being a person that knows nothing about the inside of my pc, I feel uncomfortable calling one of the big box “Squads” to help. I also think that in many service industries, the service is inconsistent. Especially when dealing with technical support staff. Many of them have trouble communicating, but are hired because of theri technical skills. Sounds like Support Soft will be worth trying. Thanks

  2. Cheryl said:

    Nov 14, 07 at 11:51 am

    I agree…it’s the “little” things you do to support your customers, that goes a long way in customer satisfaction.