Conflicting Customer Service: Part 2 of 2

Yesterday’s post focused on how to avoid situations in which different representatives will give conflicting information to your customers. While avoiding the situations is obviously the ideal thing, chances are, you will encounter problems with misinformation being given at least a few times and find yourself having to deal with it.

So what do you do when a customer tells you he or she was told something else by another representative?

  • Apologize for the miscommunication. First of all, apologize for the miscommunication. Clarify what the correct answer / information is and then apologize to the customer for having to hear the wrong information.
  • If possible, provide proof. Many customers become a little bit suspicious (understandably) after they experience a situation in which they have been given misinformation. Whenever possible, provide proof to backup the correct answer. Email an article, point customers to a place on the webpage, etc.
  • If it’s simple, give it to the customer. If the thing that was miscommunicated is easy to do or follow through with, just do it. Apologize to the customer again and say “we will take your word for it and honor this for you.” Then, do what the customer said was promised to them and let them know the results.
  • If it’s complicated, try to compromise. If it’s complicated to follow through with what the customer said was promised to them, try to compromise. Offer to do what is the standard process and then do something like offer a gift certificate or service credit to make up for the miscommunication. This is usually a simple way to help the customer calm down.
  • Tell the customer where to get information in the future. Another good way to help put a customer at ease is to let them know where they can go to get the correct information. Point them to your company’s knowledge base, FAQs, online manuals, etc. This should help comfort customers and let them know that there is an easy way to get a definitive answer.
  • If possible, follow up with the original employee. It is always important to follow up with the original employee who gave the wrong information whenever possible. Let the particular employee know what the correct answer is and ensure that the particular employee gets all of the training he or she needs.

Do you do anything differently in these situations?

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