Customer Service Acronym Finder

I’ve talked about the use of acronyms before. They can be fairly useful, but there is a fine line between stupid/annoying and actually useful. Plus, too many acronyms can just create company specific jargon that everyone has to learn.

The acronym I’m going to talk about today is one that Maria at CustomersAreAlways thought of. I found it fairly interesting and she did a good job. There is also a short and entertaining (by customer service standards at least) quiz that goes along with it. I’ll talk about the quiz a bit tomorrow. Maria’s acronym was fairly good – here it is:

  • Care for our customers
  • Understand our customers
  • Share with our customers
  • Talk to our customers
  • Offer to help our customers
  • Make friends with our customers
  • Educate our customers
  • Relate to our customers
  • Solve our customers’ problems

Here is my try. It is pretty much like Maria’s but expanded slightly:

  • Care for our customers
  • Understand our customers and constantly work to understand them more
  • Share information with our customers, all the time (regardless of whether good or bad things is happening)
  • Talk to our customers on a regular basis, and seek suggestions from them whenever possible.
  • Offer to and actually help our customers, both pro-actively and re-actively.
  • Make friends with our customers and do our best to develop relationships with our customers.
  • Relate to our customers and do our best to try and understand and empathize.
  • Seek suggestions, tips, and feedback from customers.

She also thought of an alternative acronym for CRM – Customers Really Matter. It doesn’t describe the software, but it does provide employees with an idea of what the system is there to do.

What would you add to or remove from this acronym? I’m sure there is room to improve.

Speaking of transferring, I had a good transfer experience yesterday. I had called Logitech to get an error sorted out. The first representative collected all my information, helped me some, and then explained he would transfer me to the right department. A few seconds later, a man picked up the phone and introduced himself as the floor supervisor. He knew my name, about my issue, and was very helpful. The issue was resolved within a few minutes and I only had to explain it once. Obviously, the first representative explained it to him and helped make the experience as easy as possible. They didn’t follow the T-R-A-N-S-F-E-R procedure exactly, but they got the core points.

One Response to “Customer Service Acronym Finder”

  1. Mercy nehema said:

    Sep 16, 08 at 5:33 am

    Read your defination and maria’s and i wish to make adjustments but the best acronyms will depend on the product or service a company offers. CUSTOMER. Challenge,understand, Treatment, Owning customer needs,Moving with customer, Educate, Recommend.