Customer Service Difference #2:

I’ve written about’s customer service before. They are a company that I really find fascinating. They take an ordinary product (headsets), add great customer service and related policies, and they see tremendous success.

Here is what I think does right:

  • Return policy. has a very lenient and simple return policy and procedure. They make things easy, which does a few things: 1) It makes the return experience acceptable and customer stay happy. 2) It builds customer confidence in products, because it is easy to return something if it has a problem or the customer doesn’t like it. 3) It makes (rightfully) seem like an honest company that cares about its customers.
  • It is easy to contact them. is very easy to get ahold of. They have very noticeable live chat links on their homepage, a clearly published phone number (with a simple phone menu and reasonable hold times), and lots of contact pages. It is very difficult to find the phone numbers and live chat links for other major online retailers (i. e. Amazon) and doing something as simple as publishing your phone number makes things easier and likely increases sales.
  • They make it easy to find the right product. doesn’t carry too many products where it is overwhelming. They also have staff recommendations and an extremely helpful headset wizard that helps you find the right headset for you.
  • They are obsessed with hiring right. Just look at their employment page to see what I am talking about. Employees going through extensive training with a variety of people (speech coaches, business physiologists, etc.). They also give employees lots of benefits and above average customer service pay. This helps attract good people.
  • They are personal. has pictures of the live chat representative you are talking to, staff profiles, a letter from the company’s CEO, and more. They even have a stats page that gives potential customers some cool figures and 7 promises. These further increase customer confidence in both the company and the products.
  • They have the rest of the stuff. In addition to these things, they have a customer service-focused culture, a management team that cares about customer service, etc.

Check out my post here for more information about and my customer service experience. They are a top notch company and I am pretty sure they will continue to see success for quite a while.

Two notes:

  • When I wrote about on June 23, according to their web site, they had 212,671 satisfied customers. Their counter now says they have over 231,000 satisfied customers.
  • I had called the company’s CEO (as encouraged by the letter they sent me), but my phone call was never returned.

4 Responses to “Customer Service Difference #2:”

  1. Mike Faith said:

    Sep 05, 06 at 8:34 pm

    Hi, just seen your write up on us. Thanks. in the notes you say about a call never returned by me (CEO). Terrible. i’ve been away for most of August, but my calls are dealt with while i’m out. if you have day and time i’d like to see what went wrong here. I apprecaite you bringing this to my attention. I hope my posting here helps show every event matters to us, and it taken seriously. Thanks! Mike

  2. Service Untitled » Upcoming Interviews & More on said:

    Sep 06, 06 at 4:55 pm

    […] Mike Faith, the CEO of discovered Service Untitled and I exchanged a few emails with him since his comment at Service Untitled spoke with him this afternoon. He is an interesting guy to talk to and I noticed a few things: […]

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  4. Jerry said:

    May 16, 11 at 4:16 pm

    Headsets com is a great website thanks for all your customer service and sales support!