Customer Service Metrics – Lots of them.

I find a lot of interesting links at CustomersAreAlways. Today I found a very interesting one – this page. There are lots of questions, lots of metrics, and lots of very interesting things. The site, in short, is fascinating. Compared to what I talk about, the stuff is relatively technical, but still extremely important.

The interesting thing is that most questions have several answers so you can get different opinions and views. The people seem to really know what they are talking about and have a lot of information and insight to share. From what I can tell at first glance, the people responding are more in the call center set of customer service professionals (i. e. customer service looked at as a cost center – not one of opportunity), but for more technical things and metrics, the information is interesting.

There are hundreds of discussions about a lot of different topics from abandonment rate to VoIP and everything in between. I have a feeling I’ll be reading this over the next few days and hopefully finding some very interesting things to talk about. Some of these topics are existent because of bad customer service (i. e. getting people to hang up before they talk to a person), but still need to be kept in mind.

The problem with a lot of customer service managers is that they focus way too much on such objective metrics. Customer service is not that objective of a field. The point is to make the customer happy and that can’t always be done or measured with formulas, metrics, etc. Look at customers as humans – people who are making your business possible – and not numbers, and that is the first step to customer service success.

I need to get  a copy of Maria’s customer service related bookmarks. I imagine it would be fairly interesting. Short post today, but it is Friday, and I did do an extra long post yesterday.

Have a great weekend!

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    Oct 23, 06 at 5:45 pm

    […] I’m not quitting or leaving – don’t worry about that! Today’s post is about how to properly close a customer call. Friday’s post with the link to an interesting resource also provided me with a long list of future topics, one of which was closing a call. I’ve talked about greetings before, but the goodbye is almost as important. Train your employees to use a properly close the call and it can help quite a bit. […]