Customer Service Pet Peeves

I came across this post recently, which lists some of the more prominent customer service pet peeves submitted by the blog’s readers. Some of the major examples included:

  • Phone problems (long hold times, annoying hold music, getting disconnected, blind transfers, etc.)
  • Employees that aren’t happy to see customers (rude, disaffected, unhappy, etc.)
  • Having to repeat information to multiple agents or to the same agent.
  • When representatives read from or obviously use some sort of script.

The four examples above are good examples of broad categories of customer service frustrations. What’s sad is that the issues above are relatively easy to avoid or to fix, but they’re incredibly common in the customer service field. Training representatives and putting processes in place to avoid blind transfers is not rocket science, but a majority of companies still do blind transfers more often than not.

If your company is doing any of these things, think of ways to change that. You should also try to take a few minutes to think of what frustrates you as a customer and ensure that you aren’t doing whatever that is in your own call center. Chances are, if something bothers you, it bothers other people as well. For example, I always want to get my problems resolved on the first contact, but I know most call centers don’t have perfect first contact resolution (a lot aren’t even close). You could do the same in your call center.

What are your customer service pet peeves? Which of the pet peeves above really bother you? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

2 Responses to “Customer Service Pet Peeves”

  1. Customer Service Pet Peeves Scripts Rss said:

    Sep 15, 09 at 10:43 pm

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  2. Michael said:

    Sep 29, 09 at 12:28 am

    Here are some random thoughts

    1) Press 1 for English. We live in America I shouldn’t have to press anything for our language

    2) English as a second language / culture call centers (India, Phillipines, etc…)

    3) Agents disconnecting you intentionally and hoping you won’t call HQ with their name

    4) Poorly trained people trying to fix your problem over the phone (Verizon FIOS is horrible about this)

    5) Answer is always no

    6) Poor listening skills

    7) Lackadaisical attitude

    8) Ebonics spoken

    9) People avoidance systems (excessive phone trees once again a Verizon staple)

    10) Refusal to escalate (American Airlines once had a lady who’s title was Director of Customer Relations but she refused to talk to customers live)

    11) Liars

    12) People hiding behind voice mail