Daily Staff Meetings

Restaurants have long had daily staff meetings. In these meetings, the manager goes over daily specials, what the restaurant doesn’t have, new policies, and any other issues. Some managers read customer compliments and complaints they received the previous day, others talk about tips for employees to provide better service. It really varies from restaurant to restaurant, but the point is, many better restaurants do this and it is just a fact of life.

Now, think about how many other companies do this? Some hotels do, but not very many non-hospitality companies.  I have never worked with or for a company that had daily meetings among the customer service staff or groups of service staff. Some had weekly meetings to go over progress, etc., but I’ve never worked with or for a company that has done such meetings daily. Occasionally, the sales staff would have a daily meeting to go over quotas, etc., but it was not a consistent thing.

What do you have to lose by having a daily meeting? Maybe 15 minutes in the morning? (Daily meetings should be done in the morning, before the people start working.) Those 15 minutes are well worth the potential benefits.

Here are some things that may be useful for a customer service manager to discuss during the daily meeting:

For general customer service staff:

  • Reading of complaints/compliments received.
  • Recent issues: what is going on with them, when they started happening, etc.
  • New policies, team members, software, technology, etc. (anything new)
  • Daily goals
  • Daily tips, tricks, improvement suggestions, etc. for the team as a whole
  • Special notices (special customer, media review today, customer so and so is expected to contact us and should get extra attention, etc.)
  • Questions/Comments/Concerns from attendees

For technical support:

  • Product updates and changes
  • Product upgrades or feature changes
  • Recent technical issues that have been occurring, their fixes, etc.
  • Maintenance schedules/updates/etc. Service status (is anything down, etc.)
  • Other things that are mentioned above

For sales/billing staff:

  • New products/services (these should be announced a few days in advance)
  • Pricing changes
  • Feature changes
  • Billing changes (new payment methods, switching payment processors, etc.)
  • Upgraded products/services (in case pricing differences apply)
  • Other things that are mentioned above (in general customer service section)

It isn’t so much the specific things that I have listed here that are important to go over, but the point of actually having a brief meeting at the beginning of each work day. The meeting shouldn’t last longer than about 15 minutes and should be done every morning. On some days, there will be more to address, others there won’t. If there is more than one shift, the meeting should be taken at the beginning of each shift. There should be no problem finding things to talk about. If you can’t think of anything, you aren’t thinking hard enough.

Tomorrow I will talk about something that either can be done instead of or in addition to a daily meeting.