Dell Customer Service Ideas

I read an interesting post on the Dell blog today. It linked to a section of their IdeaStorm site that lists some service ideas they had. Their three ideas?

  • “Geek to Grandma” support aka skill-level based routing (which we talked about here).
  • Team based customer service.
  • Premimum support (which we talked about here).

Some interesting ideas. I hope Dell continues to monitor the feedback and answer the voters’ questions. The ideas mentioned are somewhat vague, so I’m sure the voters’ would appreciate clarification.

Later today there will be a post about the hardest part of customer service. This is just a quick post.

One Response to “Dell Customer Service Ideas”

  1. Teddi Dunson said:

    May 21, 07 at 3:03 pm

    Why should we pay extra for better tech support? If they were doing it right, with out all the problems, we would be getting what we have already paid for in warranty and tech support.