Diapers.com uses customer service to woo baby market

Originally launched by two frustrated fathers who grew weary of those late night car trips to find diapers and baby supplies, Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara started a baby-focused e-commerce site known as 1800Diapers. Running with their mission statement, “to make moms’ lives easier by delivering all the necessary baby products in a timely manner with great customer service,” innovative marketing plans and an investment of a few hundred thousand dollars, the name changed to Diapers. com ready to run the race for a share of the huge baby market.

When the company first started, the owners would buy diapers from BJ’s and Costco to resell online and lose money on every sale, but as the business evolved, the company widened its baby inventory and became “everything about baby.” Inventory expanded from diapers and wipes to formula, baby food, cribs, car seats, clothing, strollers, etc. with exceptional prices, 24 hour service, 7 days a week, overnight delivery and free shipping on “everything but the baby.”

So how do they do it and now rank as one of the fastest growing retailers in the US ? It started with purchasing massive quantities (huge diaper loads) from all major manufacturers like Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, etc. The company has three state-of-the-art warehouses in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Kansas and can buy and offer bulk sizes that most stores do not have the capacity or shelf space to house. The company has developed software explicitly designed that allows it to ship orders the same day until 6:00 PM  and has negotiated discounted rates with the major shipping carriers.

And to accompany the super-sized quantities, the company offers and delivers unmatched customer service. The prices are low, no questions asked for the return policy, 99% in stock merchandise, and 2/3 of the US are able to have merchandise delivered overnight. The web site is divided into 13 different categories with over 100 subcategories, ad free, and personalized shopping. The site also offers a referral program with cash incentives, and the customer service toll-free phone numbers and contact information are easily accessible. The company has been named an “elite” online retailer by STELLA Service, and received the STELLA Service Seal, the web’s most coveted and dependable hallmark for exceptional customer service, online tools and strategies and processes to deliver exceptional customer service.

This  week Diapers.com will be launching a whimsical commercial promoting the company with talking babies in a test trial for the St. Louis market. Babies will be wearing headsets, talking to callers and discussing the products – all thanks to special effects. Should the campaign prove successful, Diapers.com plans to send the commercials national. And so the rewards of exceptional customer service continues to push another business to the top.

photo credit: EtanSivad