Do happy employees give better service?

Another question that was asked through the search box here on Service Untitled was “do happy employees give better service?” I think the most appropriate answer is they sure do.

You’ve probably had a job you didn’t like. Were you motivated to provide great service? I know I wouldn’t be. When I like my job, I really want to provide great service. I want to go above and beyond to make the customer happy – that way they have a positive view of the company I’m working for.

There will always be really exceptional people that will provide great service and maintain a good attitude even if the rest of the things aren’t that good. Those people are very rare, though, and I am sure they would provide even better service if they were in a job that they really liked.

You should aim to make your employees happy. If they’re happy, they will be a lot more motivated to provide quality service. It will be a lot easier for them to do so as well. Customer service is at least 50% attitude and people have better attitudes when they’re happy.

I’ve written about how to make your employees happy before:

And of course, you can just search for the word “fun” and get plenty of results.

What are you doing to make (and keep) your employees happy?

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    Oct 17, 07 at 1:18 pm

    Happy Employees Give Better Service?…

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  2. Return Customer said:

    Oct 18, 07 at 11:36 am

    Happy Employees Give Better Service…

    Happy employees make customer interactions better. Grumpy employees will more often than not, spread their negativity to your customers.
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