Do toll-free numbers help customer service?

I have often considered toll-free numbers to be part of a good customer service offering. More customers take advantage of these numbers to asks questions about products, make purchases and voice concerns, and dis-satisfactions you probably wouldn’t hear if the phone call was not free. In this tight economy, long distance is still costly. Cell phone users, however may still be charged; the call is free, but the call may create extra cell phone minute charges. The toll-free number makes a company seem “not so far away,” even if it is across the United States or abroad.

Customers also presume a toll-free number means a business is large and stable because in the eyes of people who don’t have it, the service is expensive. It makes the company more accessible to clients, potential clients, employees and business associates. Most individuals are unaware that the discounts and package rates make this a very attractive addition to a business’s marketing and service plan. There are no charges if no one calls; business grows with the service. Charges are based on per minute, but can vary by origin of the call and length of the conversation.

Many toll free service providers outsource their operators, which makes the cost more efficient. Companies can use the service to enhance their professional image, answer business and phone calls and even forward the calls to another number. It can make websites more attractive to increase sales numbers as well as customer satisfaction and credibility.

The most important part of the toll-free service is to have a professional voice answering the line. Live operators can increase customer service without extra hiring costs. An efficient and knowledgeable operator can walk a customer through their order taking process and answer common questions about products and services. The operators can provide business locations, hours, appointment times and transfer calls to representatives for more comprehensive information. Calls that come in with angry and disgruntled customers can immediately be flagged for appropriate call backs from the related department.

In a time where cost-effective must be customer centric with support and good will, a toll-free service is easy to obtain and can provide that 24/7 link to leave the competition behind.

photo credit: Stephen Cummings

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    Feb 25, 10 at 3:19 pm

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  2. Chris Barnes said:

    May 26, 10 at 2:51 pm

    I’m surprised this is even in question. Toll free numbers have been helping businesses bring better service to customers since the very beginning. Anyone who doesn’t know that needs a lesson in marketing 101. Do some research at or if you doubt me.