Employee satisfaction a key to exemplary customer service

A motivated workplace helps all of us do our jobs better. Employees recommend us to prospective customers; they are commonly at the front lines, and the success of most organizations are based on employee loyalty and dedication. From self-awareness, employees can nurture customer satisfaction. Unfortunately we all know that bad employees cost us money, time and lost customers, so as we improve employee satisfaction and a lifetime of loyalty, we are improving everything about our customer service.

Taking a look at what actions result in long-term employee satisfaction besides the most obvious of wages and benefits, employees like to be recognized and rewarded when they go beyond what is expected. It’s the ideal employee we have read about at the Ritz Carlton that reminds us of the “Wow” factor that is admired by all of us.

So how do you do this? Consider some employee opportunities that reward achievement. Seniority and personal achievements should always be recognized. When an employee reaches a five, ten, twenty year or more milestone in the company, or has achieved additional certification or education, special recognition is appropriate. Depending on the company policy, budget or protocol, definitive rewards keep employees striving towards the next level.

Employees should be able to voice their opinions and concerns to management without the threat of repercussions. If an employee perceives something in the company policy or required protocol when dealing with customers isn’t working, someone in management should deal with the problem before it becomes a major issue. If an employee perceives something is wrong, that is their reality.

Even though it is a competitive job market right now, it isn’t always going to be like this, and for those employees who do exemplary jobs, perhaps some measures of appreciation can go a long way. In most companies, human resources can work out flexible schedules and work hours to accommodate employees. In the summertime when children are out of school, working flexible hours can make a major impression on a working mother and encourage loyalty. Some companies rotate Fridays off for employees in the summer (when it is not a seasonal business).

Work with employees who want to work on their career advancement. The motivation of knowing that tomorrow will bring new opportunities to employees motivate personnel to strive to be the best they can. In the service industry the employee is the face of your business. You want your staff to be positive when recommending your company and working with customers. Realize the importance of your employee investment and always help each person strive for excellence.

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  1. Monique said:

    Jun 18, 10 at 12:31 pm


    This posts speaks volumes about customer care being directly affected by satisfied employees. Some companies fail to see the connection between the two, and that is when they lose talented people, or they have a company offering mediocre service.

    As a customer care trainer, I realize the importance of stressing employee satisfaction. I’m actually attaching a link to a recent blog a colleague of mine wrote regarding principles of customer care, which includes employee satisfaction. Take a look:


    Thank you for a great post, Cheryl!