Employees with passion for what they’re selling.

container I’m reading a book (it will be reviewed here on Friday) that talks a lot about retail jobs. It seems that the best retail companies hire people that have a genuine passion for what they’re selling.

It seems that if people have a genuine passion for what they’re selling, then their jobs will be easier, they’ll like their jobs more, and on top of all that, they will be better at the job. If someone could care less about what they’re selling, then the chances of that particular person being motivated, enjoying their job, or doing well at their job go way down. The passion, the attitude, etc. are all extremely. Without those

People who don’t have that passion are often relatively easy to weed out. Passion is a hard thing to look for and be objective about. Experienced hiring managers (and people who are passionate about the company themselves) can often tell if a potential employee is truly passionate or just faking it.

In the book, the author profiles The Container Store. The company looks for people who are passionate about organization and what the company does. In their interview, they ask job candidates to tell the interviewer and each other (it is a group interview) about a product in the store (that the candidate selects).

The people who have experience using the particular product, those that have a need for a product, etc. are the best at selling and telling about it. They know about it first hand and can talk about their experiences using the product. That’s an example of passion and employees who can do that make the best type of employees.

The Apple Store does the same thing. The employees they hire are passionate about the Apple brand, the company, and the company’s products. I would bet money that a huge majority of Apple Store employees have used Apple products long before they were hired. As a result, they know a lot about the products. They’re able to make appropriate recommendations and use their pre-existing knowledge to answer questions. 

There is nothing to stop you from hiring employees that are passionate about what you’re doing. It could be technology (there are plenty of people passionate about computers and technology), food, or whatever. The point is that they are passionate and like what they’re doing.