Even accountants need to work on customer service skills

TaxesApril 15th is just over the horizon, and for many of us “tis the season” to get in touch with our accountants. I doubt you will find many accountants in small windowless offices content with just the solitude of their numbers anymore. They have even transgressed beyond the generally unnoticed professionals at quiet business lunches or rotary dinners. It seems that the quiet demeanor of accountants have also been thrown into the social media forces where they are required to be both “social” and available to share information.

Customer service skills were rarely associated with a CPA credentials, but in a complicated world of income tax, audits, and advisory capacities, accountants need to reach their audiences and their future business clients in a technologically social world. When more than 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies have a presence on Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube, where posts don’t go unnoticed, companies scour the Internet watching out for potential forest fires. Good news may go unnoticed, but bad news can turn a sunny day into a hurricane.

So here is the updated image of an accounting firm that projects itself with a positive public perception; an opportunity to improve customer relationships which is a key function to excellent customer service. Experts are available to assist with online opportunities to respond to questions on social media sites with updated information. Information is available via external newsletters about new legislation, trends, and the changing economy. People want to be updated, and an innovative accounting firm has the opportunity to educate. A Twitter page can engage customers to ask generic questions and receive that one-on-one response where a customer feels the personal touch; the opportunity for a new client.

And then there’s more. Why not improve customer service with a general question and answer section? Why not develop a blog? Blogs offer advice, build good will, and encourage visitors and current clients alike to stay ahead of the constantly changing information. It’s an opportunity to get and be noticed, and in a good way, so why not get out there and socialize?

photo credit: John-Morgan

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