Every employee can contribute to customer service excellence

[ Expression of Hospitality and Style ] A Legend in the Heart of Tokyo, Japan“Wow” customer service isn’t about what we learn in manuals; it’s about behaviors and the development and encouragement of excellent habits. Every employee can contribute to outstanding customer service, share with others, and together display the professionalism every organization desires.

The three main reasons customers leave are moving away, competitors offer better terms or prices, or the consumer is unhappy with the product or the service. In the poor service category, a whopping 68 percent of consumers consider indifference of employees as bad service. So with that in mind, isn’t it imperative that we as service providers show customers that we really care?

Let us use an example of staff meetings and their relevance to customer service. Why not let employees compile a list of behaviors that contribute to great customer service? The staff can compare and discuss areas to improve upon with specific actions that have either been taken before or ideas that develop through discussion. When employees are involved, and their feedback and suggestions are deemed important, staff meetings become relevant, interesting, and beneficial.

Who better to speak the language of the customer than the front line personnel? Speaking the language that we care about our customers is synonymous with identifying the customer through their own lens. For instance, selling real estate to a young couple who are purchasing their first home is much different from showing properties to investors. The young couple is more interested in the mortgage process, qualifying, specific school districts, decor, etc. while investors tend to be more concerned with potential profits.

All employees understand the little things that count – perhaps the physical environment, inventory, professional dress, or even the music in the background played in a brick and mortar establishment at the mall. Employees can be acutely aware of being polite and just looking cheerful; sometimes a rare commodity in today’s retail venue. Helping employees to achieve their personal best encourages confidence, and confidence builds career satisfaction. Employees who like their jobs and look forward coming to work bring enthusiasm to their organizations.

Sharing best practices of an organization contributes to customer service excellence. When the elements of truth in advertising,  services that exceed customer expectations, prompt service, and the handling of complaints is done in an expeditious manner, every aspect of customer service excellence is addressed – the perfect combination for a “wow” experience.

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One Response to “Every employee can contribute to customer service excellence”

  1. sara said:

    Mar 13, 11 at 6:45 pm

    to combine this post, with your previous one on banks: I wonder, if the reason for the unsatisfactory customer service in the banking industry is due to its product. to clarify, one of the main reasons one chooses 1 bank over another for a loan, is based on interest rate and, of course, approval.

    I wonder, if the 68% statistic applies to bank/finance companies. would someone, really choose a higher interest rate over indifferent employees? or, if they’re only approval is from a certain bank, they really have not choice but either take the loan with horrible customer service or not obtain additional funds at all.

    Are banks invincible, when is comes to customer retention due to indifferent employees simply because they’re product (money)is so high in demand and low in supply?