Excellent customer service promotes construction business

Gone are the days when construction companies had so much work lined up that any of us who needed a contractor would  say a little prayer at night hoping someone would show up the next day, but times have changed, and we are now in the age of “full service” providers; that is the construction companies have become more direct and aim toward personalized service to bring value to each job.

My friend Tom lives in the South Florida area and provides the personal touch; his company is small and local which gives him intimate knowledge of the immediate marketplace. He had been contracted to install an Old Chicago brick semi-circular driveway on the exclusive island of Palm Beach. For those of you reading this and not familiar with Old Chicago brick, think of part age and part style from the turn of the 20th Century of salvaged building bricks which mimicked the Old Chicago look. The home was located on the western side of the street and the job called for approximately 1500 square feet of brick.

Basically, a contractor starts at the corner and lays one run of brick along the two adjacent borders. Bricks are set on sand and fit snugly; levels and alignments are the key, and once all the bricks have been installed, the contractor uses a 14 inch diamond blade hand held quick cut saw to cut the final edge bricks.

It had been a  windy day, and the clay dust of the bricks created a “sand clay storm” which blew directly eastward across the street covering an all white house, white roofed, and white driveway property with the  reddish dust of the brick. Tom went across the street, apologized to the home owner and went to work correcting the damage done by power washing her house, the roof, and the driveway. He also arranged to have her windows cleaned, cars washed and any damaged plants and flowers replaced. The homeowner was thankful and appreciative.

Two years later, that same homeowner where Tom apologized and rectified his mistakes called for Tom’s company to do a job for her. She based her decision on his excellent customer service.

It’s easy to give mediocre service in construction; the bar has been set fairly low with the record number of complaints and over all shoddy craftsmanship many of us have experienced, but four basic principles of customer service has set Tom apart from his competition.

He has employed the use of good communication skills to his strategy, and not just the use of emails, but going out and meeting face to face with clients at regular intervals. He demonstrates by example and current references his technical expertise and how that experience makes him better than competing companies. He pays personal attention to details and never lets his  less experienced workers  make the decisions, and when, as in this case there was a problem, Tom went over to admit and apologize  explaining that projects can go wrong, but he would take full responsibility and rectify the problem.

Where much of Tom’s competition has been reading Craigslist looking for part-time construction jobs, Tom goes to work every day with more  projects lined up for the future.

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