Exclusive Download: How to Talk to Customers Chapter

Earlier this week I reviewed How to Talk to Customers by Diane Berenbaum and Tom Larkin. The book was a good read and I said so in my review. In addition to the two great tips that Tom gave me while we chatted (use your last name in greetings and ask for permission to ask questions), Tom agreed to send me the chapter of the book that had the “33 Points” that I liked so much.

The chapter is available to Service Untitled for free. It includes the “The 33 Points of Incoming Calls”, how to score calls, as well as the “The 33 Points of Outgoing Calls.” It is, in my opinion, the best chapter in the book.

You can download that chapter of the book (Chapter 15) by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to http://www.serviceuntitled.com/downloads.
  2. Click the file titled “howtotalktocustomers..”.
  3. Click Save and save the document to your Desktop or a folder of your choice.
  4. Open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader (my personal favorite).
  5. Read and enjoy!

If clicking the file does not work, you may need to right click it and choose an option like “Save Target As”. One of those two ways seems to work on pretty much every computer.

I guarantee that it’ll be worth the few minutes it takes to download and read (the file is 312 kb). Print it out and give a copy to your customer service representatives. It’ll be worth it!