First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution is one of the most important things in customer service. Customer service statisticians have found that solving an issue during the first contact (as opposed to over the course of two, three, or more contacts) saves time, money, and increases customer satisfaction in the long run.

Think about each way that first call resolution helps:

  • Saving time. It is easier for a representative to fix an issue during the first contact than for several representatives to try and fix the issue over several contacts. With one contact, there is no need to “catch up” on what has been done, research the problem further, etc. When an issue is resolved on the first contact, one representative handles the issue and knows what it is about.
  • Saving money. Less time spent by representatives on the phone, over chat, etc. saves the company money. Because customers don’t have to keep calling or emailing back to get their issue resolved, representatives are able to move on and help other customers instead of having to go back and keep addressing the same problem.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction. The less time a customer has to spend trying to get a problem resolved, the happier they are going to be. There is also the psychological factor of the customer hanging up feeling his or her issue was resolved. It is a lot more satisfying for the customer to end the first contact with a resolution than it is to end the call knowing that time was wasted and that a resolution is no closer.

Customers contact companies to get questions answered or issues resolved. The faster and easier the question can be answered or the issue resolved, the better. Resolving issues on the first contact is the easiest and fastest way to ensure customers end the call feeling their time on the phone was productive and that they got the help they needed.

In the long run, increased first contact resolution will almost always reduce contact volume (and costs) and incrase customer satisfaction. It is worth spending a little bit more time on the phone or working a little bit harder on the email issue to get a customer’s issue resolved the first time around. Customers will appreciate the extra effort and the balance sheet will reflect it.

2 Responses to “First Contact Resolution”

  1. Alan Hart said:

    Mar 17, 09 at 8:05 am

    This is such an important concept and metric. It amazes me when my clients can not get passed the short-term increase in time and cost to see the long-term pay off.

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