First week at Service Untitled.

It’s been Service Untitled’s first week and so far, we’ve done quite well.

Our Technorati rank is an unimpressive 715,050 (3 links from 3 sites), but we’re trying to fidget with our blog system (WordPress) so it works better with Technorati. We’ve also added a few more feed features (the link is on the right navigation bar).

That I’m aware of, Service Untilted has been featured on two blogs: The Art of Customer Service, Part II on Guy Kawasaki’s blog and Do You Rate The Customer Service You Recieve on Customers are Always. We’ve been mentioned on a few other blogs, but as far as I know, not featured.

So far, several hundred people have read at least one post on Service Untitled at our site and probably 10-15,000 on the two sites our posts have been featured on. Feedback on the blog so far and people I’ve written have said they like Service Untitled quite a lot. We certainly have room for improvement, but we’re off to a good start.
We’re going to try and stick with our Monday – Friday posting schedule and have any Service Untitled updates on the weekends. Thanks for reading so far and be sure to tell your friends and co-workers about Service Untitled!