Follow-up: What

The next part of our series on follow-ups is what should be done during a follow-up. The obvious answer is following up, right? Not so much, but on the right track.

  • Purpose. It is the representative’s job to guide the follow-up. The rep shouldn’t just dial a number and say “I’m following up with you about your recent issue at company XYZ.” They should say “Hi there, I’m calling you to see if you’re having any ongoing problems with your product from Company XYZ. (see next point)
  • If so. The next part is, “If you are having any problems.” Don’t make it seem to the customer like if they are still having problems that it will end of the world. The rep should say “If you’re still having a problem, that’s fine, I’ll be more than happy to help you.” Comfort the customer and the customer will be happier.
  • If not. The other is obviously “If you aren’t having any problems.” Do something productive while you have the customer on the phone. Not annoying, but productive. Ask the customer if he or she has any comments about the service experience, needs any material (i. e. disks, manuals, paperwork, etc.), or ask the customer if you ask him or her a few questions about the service experience (the quick survey). That makes the call productive and the follow-up worth it.

The point of a follow-up is to establish contact with the client pro-actively. Be pro-active with what you have your reps say and make the conversation effective. It should be an excellent time for your company to say (not directly) “We care about you and you’re an important customer to us.” Make it count.