Follow-up: Who

Following up is extremely important. The first part of this series covers who should follow-up. When following up, it’s important to have the right person do it – otherwise it may actually make the experience worse.

  • Prior contact. Ideally, the person who has been handling the issue should do all of the following up. If the issue was handled by a variety of people, the person who most recently handled it (extensively) should follow-up. This way the person is familiar with the customer and the issue at hand.
  • Senior. If the person who has been handling the issue can’t follow-up, then someone who’s a supervisor or some sort of senior representative should follow-up. This way the customer knows his or her issue is important and that the company is making a genuine effort to make the customer happy.
  • Someone who reads. If options A and B aren’t available, then at least pick someone who reads. It’s amazing that what can happen if the actually reads about the problem and the customer. This way the representative has some background on the issue and can intelligently discuss it with the customer.
  • Someone who likes their job. If whoever is doing the follow-up isn’t nice and/or doesn’t like their job – don’t bother. You need somene who’s very kind and really cares about the customer’s issue to do the follow-up otherwise it will not help at all.

The issue of who should handle a follow-up is quite simple. Generally, if the person is familiar with the issue and is patient and friendly with the customer, the person will do okay with the follow-up. This is a relatively short post, but there’ll be quite a few of these including:

  • Who should follow-up (this one)
  • What should be done during a follow-up
  • Why are follow-ups important
  • Where (over what medium) should follow-ups be conducted
  • When should follow-ups be conducted
  • How to do the perfect follow-up

After this series, you should every know everything you need to know about follow-ups and be a following up pro. It’s truly something that will make customers happier and improve the overall customer service experience.