GetHuaman Report Card

On November 20, GetHuman released the first “report card” on their GetHuman 500. If you are not familiar with the GetHuman 500 (which Service Untitled got the scoop about back in August), it is a list of the 500 most commonly called organizations.

The report card basically grades the organizations, based on GetHuman’s standards (Service Untitled commented on an earlier version, also in August). The list of companies, along with their “grades” can be found here.

I decided to post about some of the companies I have talked about (or think I have talked about) at one point or another and their subsequent ratings. I’m mentioning all divisions related to the company, not necessarily the one I have (or will) talk about.

  • American Express and American Express Business(talking about them this week) – F
  • American Express Business Gold – B
  • Bank of America Credit Card – F
  • Citi Cards – F
  • Citi Simplicity – D
  • Gap Credit Card (talking about them this week) – F
  • Citibank – F
  • Bank of America – F
  • Dell Sales and Dell Technical Support – F
  • HP – F
  • IBM – F
  • Linksys – F
  • – F
  • – F
  • PayPal – F
  • T-Mobile – D
  • T-Mobile Smart Access – C
  • T-Mobile Tech Support – C
  • Geek Squad – F
  • UPS – F
  • Microsoft – F
  • Starbucks – F
  • Southwest – B
  • Radio Shack – F

I am sure I have missed some companies that I have talked about and are listed. If you can think of a company I have talked about and forgot to add, just let me know (comment or email) and I will add it right away.

Pretty sad, isn’t it? The highest grade is a B (from Southwest), followed by a few C’s from T-Mobile. Some of these companies have customer service that is pretty good (and they do care about it), but despite all of that, they can’t seem to figure out how to have a proper phone system.

I could not find a page that says how they grade companies. I’m looking for one that says something like “companies who do not allow you to push 0 to get to an operator get one letter grade lower.” I’m not sure if GetHuman has that, but I’ve sent an email to the project’s manager, Lorna and asked.

What are your thoughts on these rankings and the rankings in general?

Edit: Lorna from GetHuman sent me this explanation shortly after I saved the first draft of this post. I’ve included it below.

No, there isn’t a page like the one that you described. But here’s a summary of the testing process: Getting accurate results/grades is critical to us. We want to highlight those companies that do well and encourage consumers to show their appreciation by giving them business. And, of course, for those that do poorly, we hope that consumers will let them know that they will discontinue using their services if improvements aren’t made.

To that end, the testing process is quite elaborate and involved. Each company is called by at least 3 teams of independent testers. The teams make several phone calls per round of testing, which are done at approximate 12 hour intervals to ensure that we observe functions during business hours and after business hours. The testing process verifies the companies’ adherence to each of the 10 gethuman standards, which specify how customer service phone systems *should work*. The standards were developed over the past few months, with input from thousands of consumers.

Results of the teams’ testing are averaged to arrive at the final grade.