Giving Back (and Getting) Testimonials

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The other day I sent in a testimonial to Jean MacDonald at SmileOnMyMac (they wrote a guest post about their terrific email newsletters here) about my experience using a program they make called PDFpen.

I’ve had a very positive experience using the software over the last month or so and wanted to send in a testimonial reflecting my experience. The next day, Jean replied back thanking me for my testimonial, telling me it was published on their web site, and also telling about something she tries to do.

What Jean tries to do (and what I try to do as well) is let companies know when they do an exceptionally good job (either by providing great customer service or by offering a great product), usually by sending in a testimonial or positive comment. She labeled it as “giving back.” As a marketing person, Jean appreciates getting testimonials and wants to help other companies as well. I look it at basically the same way; it’s great for your “customer service karma” per say. The testimonial I sent in, while obviously quite positive, was pretty simple – it didn’t take me more than two or three minutes to write and was easy to send in. When I enjoy using a product or service, it’s my pleasure to send in a testimonial and say positive things about the company.

The best thing that a company that wants more testimonials can do is to make the process easy. (That assumes you already have a great product or service worth writing a testimonial about.) Have a simple way to submit testimonials (either using a form or by listing a particular person to send the testimonials to), acknowledge the person sending the testimonials, and publish the testimonials. If the customers are being thanked and the testimonials are being published, they are a lot more likely to take time to write testimonials and send them in.

Of course, another great way to get testimonials (at least if you believe in “customer service karma”) is to send testimonials in to the companies you have great experiences with. Even if sending in the testimonials don’t help you immediately (like making the process easier does), it certainly can’t hurt.

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