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A company that has impressed me quite a bit recently was Besides ordering one headset from them in the past, I don’t have any relationship with, but they have been very impressive.

Here’s my story:

About six months or so ago I decided I wanted to start using Skype more than I did (this was before free SkypeOut). However, the microphone I had didn’t work very well so I went out to the local Radio Shack and purchased a headset. The new headset from Radio Shack also didn’t work very well, so I tried to return it. The guy at Radio Shack said I couldn’t return it because I didn’t have the “original packacing”, which was a piece of plastic stapled around the headset. I eventually called the credit card company and they took care of it, but regardless, I haven’t bought something at Radio Shack since then.

I still needed by headset so I did a bit of research and found I found a headset I really liked, signed up, and ordered it. A few days later, I got it in the mail, but I quickly realized the headset I purchased was for a phone, not a computer.

I called and spoke to a guy who said I could return the product without any problem. I don’t even think I had to pay shipping or take the product to the UPS store. (Note: When you can’t remember how the product return experience is, it probably wasn’t that bad.) A few days later, I had my headset, which I use (and works perfectly) to this day.

Besides the return experience being really easy, here’s some other things that impressed me with

  • A few weeks later, they sent me a satisfaction survey in the mail. If I filled out the survey, I would get a $10 (or something like that) credit to my account. I filled it out, faxed it in, and included a handwritten note asking them to email me confirming they got it. About 24 hours later, I got a personalized email saying they received the survey and the credit was added.
  • A few days ago I got a letter from thanking me for being a customer. The letter didn’t include a sales pitch, but was from the CEO outlining how 2005 was a good year for and how much they value their customers.
  • The letter had the CEO, Customer Service Manager, and Shipping Manager’s direct lines on it. I tried calling them and got voicemail for each line. However, I left a message for the CEO and will see if I get a call back. (If you call their 800 number, you do get to talk with a person quite quickly, though).
  • The letter had “7 promises” relating to customer service and customer service satisfaction on the back.

Some impressive statistics:

  • has not had a complaint filed against them with the Better Business Bureau for the third year in a row. (The company is only three years old.)
  • They’ve grown from what I assume is 0 to more than 212,000 customers in three years. They’ve also grown from 12 to 60 employees in that time. (They have a customer counter on their site. When I was there two or three days ago, the counter said 209,000. At the time of posting, it says 212,671.)
  • This page is interesting.

I read an article about saying how a majority of their success was due to their focus on customer service. They seem to be a company to aspire to. Good job!

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