Hertz did great for doing fine.

Everyone has a point where they experience customer service that is not exceptional, but is fine. When it’s just fine (not bad and not exceptional), it can really stand out. That’s what happened to me at Hertz a week or two ago.

I had to rent a car from Hertz and wasn’t expecting much. In fact, when I went from the airport to the shuttle, I wasn’t impressed. I could barely understand the driver and he wasn’t much help. Needless to say, I didn’t have very high expectations based on my shuttle/bus experience with Hertz.

I was dropped off in front of the office and there was no line. That was nice. I walked up to a guy who seemed friendly and gladly offered to help. I had to show less paperwork than expected and the check in process was pretty quick and easy.

Nothing he did was really spectacular, but nothing he did was bad. There was not really one thing that I would say he did wrong. He was friendly throughout the experience, quite thorough, and answered my countless questions about maps and where I was going.

What Hertz did is a good goal to shoot for. Get the basics down: answer the questions, be friendly, and be competent. That’s a realistic goal that is not impossible to achieve. It’s not an easy goal, but it is not impossible by any means. Hertz did it, so your company probably can too.

I have no idea if the guy who helped me would have gone the extra mile or anything of that sort, but based on what I needed at the time, he did a great job.

This is also one of those situations where the person is the person to give all the credit to. Hertz probably couldn’t train him to be friendly or patient. They did train him how to use their systems and get the actual job done (which is of course very important). If it just stopped at that, though, then this experience could have been bad.

Are you trying to do your actual job before you try to make big improvements? Sometimes you have to start by working on the big things. Once you have a firm handle on those, you move onto the little things.