HomeHero Revamps the Ordinary

homehero I find it really interesting when ordinary products are redesigned. Ordinary products that no one thinks twice about because they’re so common and so uninteresting. A product called HomeHero is changing what people think of the fire extinguisher.

Everyone knows of the big red fire extinguishers. They’re heavy. They’re ugly. They aren’t super simple. Because they’re big and red and ugly, a lot of people don’t put them in plain sight. An equally large number of people can’t remember where they ended up putting their fire extinguisher when they actually need it.

Fire extinguishers can save life and save property. People don’t want people to get hurt or for their homes to burn down. They also don’t want to have a huge ugly fire extinguisher in every corner of the house, either. HomeHero understood these problems and saw a big opportunity there.

bsr-a500They worked to design a fire extinguisher that looks a lot better than the big red thing that people are accustomed to seeing. It’s slick and white (almost like a certain MP3 player that could have inspired it). It’s easier to operate and supposedly more user friendly.

HomeHero took a super ordinary product and made it better. They addressed one of the consumer’s main concerns about the product and made it better. I’m really curious to see how successful HomeHero will be when it hits the market in full force. Personally, I think it will be successful.

The trick is thinking about ordinary things that can be improved a lot and have been neglected for a while. Televisions are ordinary and can be improved, but there are a lot of people thinking about those. You need to find things that have been left untouched for a long time (like fire extinguishers).

Some of my initial thoughts about ordinary things that can be improved:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Garage door openers (the handheld part and the actual machine)
  • Chargers for various devices
  • Shopping carts (I know IDEO tackled this once)
  • Gas stations
  • Self checkout

I also thought of shower heads and remote controls, but there are a lot of people working on those already. What are some things you’ve thought of? Where can great design make a huge difference?

One Response to “HomeHero Revamps the Ordinary”

  1. Ankit said:

    Dec 18, 07 at 6:23 am

    Someone recently redid the mouse trap to a design where you don’t end up having a dead mouse/rat hanging from the trap, but rather enclosed in something you can throw away. I saw that and felt horrible about myself, I should have improved that years ago!