I did a great job?

Great Job I had a unique customer service experience with a big technology company last week. I’ve called this company before and have had generally positive customer service experiences, but near the end of the call, the representative told me what a great job I did. He said it a couple of times and made a fairly big deal about. The representative was really enthusiastic about me doing a good job and it was rather weird.

This isn’t bad in a traditional context. The customer service experience was fairly positive. He helped me resolve my issue and I was happy with the outcome. However, something like this could push the professionalism border.

An acceptable way to try and make the customer service experience a bit more personal and customer centric would be to have a conversation like this:

Customer: Thank you for your help!
Representative: It was my pleasure. You did all of the work. Thank you for your business.

A general rule of customer service is to not dwell on anything. Keep it short and sweet. If you dwell on how great of a job the customer did, how much you appreciate their business, or anything, you are going to push it. It doesn’t take much to push the line between friendly and annoying.

Remember, you don’t have to be a robot. You can have a personality. You just have to be subtle and professional. It is the best way to provide exceptional customer service on a consistent basis.

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