Imaginative Service: What if Service Were a Treasure Hunt?

CerraduraWe had our granddaughters visit one weekend at our lake home. There is absolutely nothing more jarringly creative than a five-year-old or more innocent than a three-year old. Grandparents wonder why their grandchildren can’t stay “puppies!!”

One morning we decided to stage an elaborate backyard treasure hunt. The girls decorated their treasure boxes while we drew each a detailed map of the yard. While the two were off on a boat ride with their parents, we hid the “treasurers” – foreign coins from a business trip abroad, old costume jewelry, shells from a beach trip, etc. – and marked their locations on the respective treasure maps. We even included a few silly treasures. When the girls got back they took their decorated treasure boxes, their different treasure maps, and set out to locate the loot. It was a joy to watch them squeal with each discovery.

What could you do to make your service like a treasure hunt for your customers? How can you hide special treasures for your customers to discover?

photo credit: Oneras