Keeping employees in the loop.

In my conversations with entrepreneurs and executives, one of the most common challenges is trying to keep company employees in the loop. As companies grow quicker and move faster, it gets more and more difficult to keep everyone on the same page.

We already know it is important to keep customers in the loop, but a lot of companies overlook the importance of keeping their own employees in the loop. It is just as (if not more) important to keep your staff members in the loop as it is to keep your employees in the loop.

As a replacement or addition to staff meetings, I have suggested internal blogs and blog posts. There is also internal PR as a possible way to keep employees in the loop. But besides blog and internal PR, what can you do to keep employees in the loop as your company grows?

Mailing lists.
It is really is (and really valuable) to create a company-wide mailing list. Just sign up with Google Groups and you can be up and running within 15 minutes. A simple, company-wide email list will allow all staff members to provide each other with quick updates.

Most recent changes page.
If you have a wiki, make sure it has a feature for most recent changes. If it supports RSS or daily updates via email, even better. That way, employees can be kept in the loop about any policy changes, documentation updates, etc.

In your meetings, explain what’s going on.
In your company-wide meetings, the engineering team should explain what they are working on, the customer service team should explain what they are working on, etc. Even if each team only has a minute or two to provide a quick update, it is an update that other team members can use to remain in the loop.

Encourage employees to provide updates.
As your company gets really large, this will be harder to do, but while you are still relatively small (under 150 employees or so), encourage employees to provide updates as they happen. When a group makes a big development, has it quarterly numbers, etc., send those numbers out. As your company gets bigger, just have someone filter out what should and shouldn’t go out to everyone.

Have company forums.
If you have a company-wide forum or some sort of more permaent discussion group, it can really encourage the posting of updates, ideas, etc. They are also a great place to have a bit more laid back conversation and not fill up everyone’s email.

Daily reports.
Depending on how transparent your company is, it might be a good idea to send out reports. Report how many calls there were, what they were about, how many new orders, how many emails, etc.

How do you provide updates? As you can tell, there are a whole bunch of ways you can provide updates and keep your employees in the loop.

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